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If you play a land-based slot, then the law decrees that compensated play should apply. It means, that in a given number of plays, a certain percentage must be paid out. Professional players can use the knowledge of how to maximum their returns by this method; every noticed why no-one plays land-based slots these days?

Online, an independently monitored RNG (random Number Generator) ensures that every player has a fair chance, every time. Plus the 95% payout of online slots (compared to 72-90%) makes playing online the value proposition! The advantage of playing slots using a true Random Number Generator is that everyone has the same chance of winning – this is especially exciting with rolling jackpot machines, commonly found online, where the jackpots can exceed £5million!

Sky Vegas have recently introduced the brand new online concept of community Slots. Fopr most slot machine players playing is a solitary experience where you are not only battling with the game but also with the casino . But Sky Vegas have changed all this with the introduction of community slots. This provides the opportunity for players to become one large community all sharing in the rewartds of the bonus feature. This means that when one player triggers the feature, everyone can share the rewards. The slot machine games currently on offer offer from Sky that include the Comunity bonus features are: Community Funfair, Community Little Devil, Community Roulette, Community Snakes and Community Cops n Robbers.

Community games are hugely popular in land based sites particularly in UK bingo clubs and Sky , once again,  have taken the lead in introducing this online. This is a totally new concept in online slot machine playing and, we think, is a great way to play and share potential jackpots.

The first slot machine was called the Liberty Bell and was invented by car mechanic (1862-1944) in 1895 . The Liberty Bell was a  mechanical device based upon the game of poker. The machine comprised of three spinning reels. Diamond, spade, and hearts images were painted around each reel, together with the image of a cracked Liberty Bell. The jackpot was a grand total of fifty cents and could be won by getting three Liberty Bells in a row . This machine was so popular that Mr.Fey opened his first Slot Machine Factory in 1896.It then took until 1963 for Bally Technologies Inc to develop the world’s first electromechanical slot machine called Money Honey. This machine was the first to incorporate electrical circuits which allowed for multi-coin bets,higher payouts and much improved gameplay.The very first  video slot machine was developed way back in in 1976 by the Fortune Coin Co. This slot machine used a modified 19" Sony color  display, and printed circuit logic boards logic boards for its gameplay and functions.

IGT the famous slot manufacturer bought the patent for Fortune Coin in 1976 and the rest as they say is history. Today IGT is one of the leading Slot machine games manufacturers offering such great hits as Rainbow Riches, Cleopatra and Pharaohs Fortune. ITG also introduced the concept of linking multiple slot machines and the first progressive slots, was released in 1986 , this slot machine was called Megabucks. The development, popularity and growth of the internet together with the prolification of the personal computer, together with increased data transfer rates allowed for the for the development of online slot machine games and many of the traditional Casino’s now offer a vast array of Online games.

Ecah week new slot machine games are being developed and many are now based on popular culture. Many blockbuster films cna now be played as Slot machine games , for example Star Trek , Elvis, monopoly, and Lord of The Rings . These new machines provide for exciting gameplay with stunning graphics and meaningful Bionus Rounds, whilst at the same time offering game themes that most of the population are familiar with. What next

Many Slot machine games can now be played on Mobile devices and as evere the games market seems to show now sign of slowing or standing still.